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quattrocento - the italian renaissance in the 21st century



last summer we spent some six days in florence, italy, being so very fond of the italian renaissance period of the 15th century.

colours were so bright and shiny the ancient used in their paintings that I started to rummage here and there trying to find some colour pigments for some future artwork ... not only did I find these red pigments called 'rosso cinabro' italian for 'vermillion' , but I also stumbled upon a tiny store just a block from florence cathedral which had a wooden altar piece in its window.

it can no longer be found in that store window anymore ...

also would I like to pay hommage to the quattrocento ladies's gowns and snoods by incorporationg a red thick cloth and circle it with a sort of a hair net worn at that period ...

art works | by jörg galka-teisseyre & art productions new york city

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