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"je suis charlie" ... we all should be !




on that horrible january day a group of islamic terrorists invaded the parisian sarcastic newspaper "charlie hebdo" dear to the french people.

"charlie hebdo" defends the rights of the press to write about anything in a very sarcastic and humorous way, rights that those assassins do not want to exist in their religiously influenced ideology ... they chose to kill most of the journalists in their newspaper's office  as well as a french policeman right in the street.

at the same time, in another part of paris, another terrorist invaded a jewish kosher supermarket killing several clients and employees after having shot a policewoman in the streets of montrouge, a parisian suburb.


I sincerely believe it is our duty to defy ideologies like these looking for annihilating our liberties and trying to impose their way of seeing the world to all of us  ...

liberty of the press - liberty of religious beliefs - liberty of not believing in anything - liberty of loving who we want - liberty of deciding who we want to be ... as long as one's liberty does not restrict anybody else's liberty, of course ...

make love, not war ... this is what we all should stand for !!!

art works | by jörg galka-teisseyre & art productions new york city

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Important update

Due to covid-19 and government ordered business closures in New York,  Art Productions will close operations and our office for further notice. We look forward to returning as soon as it is possible to do so and  wish you and your loved ones safety and good health.