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in extremis  [the suicide series]




should we believe in fate, in destiny ? I believe we should ! july 19, 2018 early in the morning : by pure coincidence I opened the patio door and was drawn to the tiny water basin embedded in it ... to my surprise I saw something moving in it trapped by branches and unable to get out of it. the poor thing was about to drown so I hurried to get it out of the water. an adult hedgehog gasping for air ... I took him inside, dried him as much as I could and kept him in my arms for a couple hours before leaving him on the couch to recover on its own. after six hours I took him back out into the garden ...the idea for this artwork came from this experience


good to know :

unfortunately I haven't seen that hedgehog anymore ... until one day ... he was picking up branches in our lavender shrubs to get ready for the upcoming winter ... ;-)



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Important update

Due to covid-19 and government ordered business closures in New York,  Art Productions will close operations and our office for further notice. We look forward to returning as soon as it is possible to do so and  wish you and your loved ones safety and good health.