about this artwork



in august of this year and prior to pupils returning to my husband's boarding school early september maintenance discovered a huge wasps' nest representing a danger for the kids.

unfortunately, strasbourg fire departement had to move out killing all the wasps and destroying their amazing home.

yes, wasps are annoying when having a picknick in summer, and yes, they might be dangerous to some of us, but they are part of nature and thus do have a raison d'être and are of some kind of utility. let us be respectful to other beings ...

these artworks are dedicated to their life and work allowing us to our amazement to discover nature's perfect creations.

in order to allow the ultra-thin paper to be held and handled several coats of varnish were needed; nevertheless, it still is quite fragile to the touch. wasps masticate old wood and - prior to build up the nest's walls layer by layer - they insalivate it forming a perfect glue. when touching the non-varnished nest it feels like working with a 4,000 years' old papyrus, extremely fragile and brittle to the touch.

as wasps masticate different types of wood the strips glued together come in different colours also ... nature's perfect 3-D printer ...


art works | by jörg galka-teisseyre & art productions new york city

a 24-months's long cooperation started with art productions new york city



Important update

Due to covid-19 and government ordered business closures in New York,  Art Productions will close operations and our office for further notice. We look forward to returning as soon as it is possible to do so and  wish you and your loved ones safety and good health.