about this artwork




the horse integrated into this artwork is a copy of an etruscan horse from around 700-500 bc which I bought after a museum visit in florence, italy, this summer.

at that time the area of the modern cities of florence, siena, pisa, etc. were not roman yet (rome was still a tiny nation) ... in fact, a quite advanced people lived here which were called later on "etruscans" by the romans; thus the "modern" term of tuscanny nowadays ... according to dionysios of halikarnassos, however, the etruscans called themselves by the name of "rasenna" and are said to originate from the west coast of what is called turkey today.

I tried to give this artwork the look of archeological bronze objects that used to be found in several archeological excavations .

now, when in florence, italy, do not hesitate to visit the etruscan exhibition to learn more about this fascinating culture which influenced the romans in many ways ...

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