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what howard carter missed in tut's tomb




1922 - the valley of the kings, upper egypt ... the british archeologist made a once-in-a-lifetime discovery after years of unsuccessful digging.


one day however a hidden tomb was found, a tomb that - from the size of it - was rather insignificant, a tomb not worthy to fit for a king.

once a hole opened in the wall separating our british diggers from the inner chamber howard carter took a quick glance through that hole exclaiming in awe : 'I see wonderful things.'

indeed he did ... the tomb was filled with unimaginable treasures, yet, one piece was overseen by carter ...



May your spirit live, may you spend millions of years, you, who love      Thebes, sitting with your face to the north wind, your eyes beholding happiness (inscription on carter's tombstone)

art works | by jörg galka-teisseyre & art productions new york city

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