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global warming



imagine - just for a tiny fraction of a second - you having a toddy on your patio during a beautiful warm summer day, your glass full of ice cubes cooling down your drink to your liking when - all of a sudden you drop that glass ...

glass landing on the patio's floor, breaking into pieces, ice cubes spilled all over the place ... due to the summer heat the ice starts to melt quickly - quite a horror scenarion indeed, but luckily we can just get another ice cooled drink after that mishap.

now imagine the same situation - well, not quite the same really ... the story behind all of the above is quite simple:

despite the denial of a few, facts are that our pole caps are melting at a fast pace, our atmosphere is warming up - and unfortunately, not only during summer ... we had it before with our toddy: glass broken, ice cubes spilled and melting; only this time we are bloody unable to just get us another 'glass' ...

these are brutal facts which only dummies can deny ...

the clock for future generations is ticking faster than ever !!!

let this artwork be a warning sign to what will come in a very near future.


MESSAGE from THE NEWBIE that I am in the Art World

As a newbie int the art jungle I had to learn quite a painful lesson indeed - four years ago I was contacted by 


telling me that they were quite interested in representing me and my artwork.


As a newbie I have never before heard about so-called VANITY GALLERIES, etc. and believed that - if you wish to exhibit here and there - then one  would have to pay for that. Today I - as well as plenty of other unhappy artists which had put their faith in ART PRODUCTIONS NEW YORK CITY - have learned that I had been fooled for almost 2 years and that my reputation as an artist must have been dangerously jeopardized because of my ignorance and naiveté, or - as many art critics see it - for wanting to boost my ego.

That has never been my attention at all ... unfortunuately, I didn't know it better at that time.

What had happen however is that not only did ART PRODUCTIONS NEW YORK CITY  NOT do anything of what they promised and got largely paid for

 but worst of all - they never returned my two artworks in their "care"

# 280   THE TEAR

as well as

# 285   BREAKING FREE - the last journey of huguette

The two artworks that connected me to my late mother-in-law !!!


May this mishap be a warning to other inexperienced artists - never accept invitations from any VANITY GALLERY that are pure scam ...             

 Be careful, watch out, check out before making a decision involving your artwork or your money !!!